Hire Chauffeur Driven Cars Geelong from and to Melbourne Airport

What is the image of a chauffeur in your mind? Have you considered hiring a chauffeur in Australia to travel in style? Would you prefer to travel by luxury car instead of a taxi? A chauffeur is a professional person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle of the upper class. Initially, the chauffeurs were employed by billionaires to make them travel from one point to another. These chauffeurs are experts and maintain the vehicle as per standards. Geelong Chauffeur Service includes hiring a car with a well-suited driver who will make your travel arrangements in Geelong and Melbourne areas. Thanks to private chauffeurs, now anyone can hire a chauffeur car in Geelong for a cosy travelling experience.

Chauffeur Geelong

If you are an individual, business person or corporate traveller, you must choose Chauffeur Geelong car hire for your transportation within the city because chauffeurs are always on time and provide you luxurious travel options. Originally, in the past, chauffeurs were employees of the vehicle owner, but now the concept has expanded, and there are several chauffeur companies offering services to their clients by offering drivers and luxury vehicles. There are some companies that only offer chauffeur drivers as well.

History of Chauffeur

The chauffeur is a French word that means Stoker as the earliest automobiles like the railroad and sea vessel counterparts were steam-powered and required a person (driver) to stoke the engine. Before the advent of electric ignition systems for vehicles, earlier petrol or gasoline-powered motor cars were ignited by hot tubes and cylinder heads, which had to be preheated before the engine would start. Hence, the term chauffeur, which in this context means something like heater upper. The chauffeur would prime the hot tubes to kick start the vehicle, after which the natural compression cycle of the engine would keep them at the correct temperature. The chauffeur also maintained the car, including routine maintenance and cleaning, and he has to be a skilled person to deal with car breakdowns if any.

Due to the high cost of chauffeurs and vehicles, only the richest people were in a position to afford a chauffeur as they couldn’t maintain the vehicle and all other stuff regularly. This created high paying jobs in 1906 in New York for those who have the skills to maintain the car and earn 2.5X than ordinary drivers.

What’s the Difference Between A Driver And A Chauffeur?

In modern-day life, a taxi driver is the one who offers his vehicle or vehicle of a company to make you drive from one point to other. If you are looking for Airport Transfers Geelong, a taxi driver could make you travel to and from Geelong airport; however, you have to find the taxi driver at that time and have to negotiate with him about ride fare. Further, you have to transfer your luggage by taxi on your own, and there will be no services. Taxi drivers didn’t bother to disinfect the interiors after completion of the ride, which is really a safety hazard in current pandemic times.

Now compare the Geelong taxi service with Geelong Chauffeur, which is a totally unique travelling experience. Hiring a chauffeur for airport transfer means you have finalised all things in advance, i.e. pickup location and drop off, date and time of travel, type of car, baby seat or support for elders and any other customisation for your needs. You hire the chauffeur car in Geelong from either an hourly based fare base or can choose distance-based fare.

Price and Benefits of Chauffeur and Taxi Services

The thing which may tick in your mind is the associated cost in lieu of a number of services that are available to you when you hire Chauffeur Cars Geelong for your travel arrangements. You need not fret about cost as you have complete control over cost. You can get an estimated fare from a company that can be either distance-based or time based, as mentioned earlier. For sure, you can give your feedback to chauffeur company whereas the taxi driver didn’t care about their service because there is no way to rate their services. On top of all, taxi drivers don’t offer any helping hand, especially when you are trapped in difficulties.

Chauffeur Vs Ride Hailing Apps

Yes, it is the time of IoT where tons of ride-hailing services are there with a dynamic approach toward travellers, and they mostly offer some sort of fare reduction promotions. This appeals to a number of people as they consider it as discounted fare for their travel to Melbourne airport or towards any other point. Indeed, the initially estimated fare of any ride-hailing service may attract you, but the reality is that you may have to pay 3X the estimated fare because of rush on-road or delaying tactics by the driver. On the other hand, when you hire Chauffeur Geelong to Melbourne Airport service, you are sure that there are no such delaying tactics, as chauffeurs are being tracked by their parent company, and they have to make your travel via the shortest possible route by maintaining quality travel experience.

Benefits of Hiring Chauffeur Drivers

When you hire Chauffeur Geelong to Melbourne for your luxury travel, you are sure about the following points:

Knowledge of locality

Chauffeurs are experts in their region and locality. They are well aware of any ongoing development project, if any and busy traffic routes. Moreover, they have knowledge of locality which makes them concierge on the wheel as well. You can ask them about their viewpoints on the best cuisines, places to visit and much more.

Well Dressed

A chauffeur driver must adhere to well-maintained suiting and etiquettes as you may hire Chauffeur driven cars Geelong to leave a lasting impression via luxury travelling. Chauffeurs follow the norms that are must have to be perfect chauffeur drivers.

Right Attitude

Offering a helping hand is a key ingredient for any chauffeur to win the heart of the customer and to make them regular travelers using their service. This isn’t the case when you choose a taxi driver or a ride-hailing service as every time you will find a stranger. This is the case when you hire a Chauffer driver. You can ask for any help from our chauffeur drivers. If you need special assistance, you can mention it in advance during the booking process.

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