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People love to spend time together. They arrange family tours for different countries. Melbourne is one of them where people love to spend their vocation due to its magnificent architectural style. Every year many international or interstate people come to visit Melbourne with their families. When you want to visit different places you need a means of transport. It is very difficult to use public transport with your family. Hence, the Australian Chauffeurs Group offers chauffeur vans Melbourne for family tours or different occasions. Whether it’s a private tour, leisurely lunch or dinner, concert, or work business for you and your time if you have conference or meetings, we are available for you every time.

Our Luxurious Chauffeur Vans Melbourne

Australian chauffeurs group have a range of brand new vehicles that are driven by our expert chauffeurs’ team. Our luxury fleet includes;

  • Mercedes Sprinter (11 passengers 8 bags)
  • Renault Minibus (11 passengers 8 bags)
  • Toyota Hiace (11 passengers 8 bags)
  • LDV G10 (7 passengers 5 bags)
  • Merc V Series (7 passengers 5 bags)
  • Mercedes Benz Viano (7 passengers 5 bags)
  • VW Caravelle (7 passengers 5 bags)

You can choose any vehicle according to your choice. Our professional chauffeurs are knowledgeable and know every route of metropolitan Melbourne and Rural Victoria.

We are providing our chauffeur’s van services for airport pick and drop. If you book your ride in advance, our chauffeur reaches the airport in 15 minutes and wait for arrival across the exit gate of the airport. Our well-mannered chauffeurs know how to greet customers. They pick your luggage no matter how much it is, and they assist you to the van and get you to your firm destination in time. All that you need to do is sit back in a relaxed mood and enjoy our luxurious services. We provide a calm environment that makes your mood fresh after a hectic flight. We offer internet services to help make your connection with people, complimentary fresh cooled water, music according to customer taste so that you have more fun with your family and friends. We have GPS trackers, so you don’t need to see the map continuously. If you have children, we arrange separate seats for babies or toddlers.

We guarantee you to get to your destination safely. Our expert and fast chauffeurs know the safest roots and shortcuts of town so that you can reach your destination without any stress. We are passionate about our services, and we are always concerned about your safety and check our vans daily.

We are proud of our flexibility we offer services throughout the region long-distance doesn’t matter for us we are trained for long driving. We never compromise our quality, so you never see our chauffeur in a sleepy situation or a bad manner. We are available 24/7. You can call us anytime so that we book your ride. We provide our services at very affordable prices.

chauffeur vans melbourne

We never charge extra for any service our prices are always low from market rate, but services are always better than all other companies. That’s why we are considered the number one company in Australia, Melbourne. Not any other industry can compete with our services.

Van Chauffeurs Melbourne For Comfy Group Transportation

At Australian Chauffeurs Group, we also provide vans for group transportation. We offer affordable yet premium Van Chauffeurs Melbourne for family tours, group tours, wedding ceremonies, or day tours. We are the perfect choice for travelling with family. If you are travelling from the airport with your family, you can hire our Van Chauffeurs Melbourne services to take you home safely and conveniently. Our chauffeurs will wait for you outside the exit gate of the airport. They will assist you with your luggage to the van and get you to your destination on time. We set benchmarks in providing our services. All the vans are equipped with the latest amenities and are driven by our professional chauffeurs. Our fleet consists of various vans, including;

  • LDV G10 (07 passengers 05 bags)
  • Merc V Series (07 passengers 05 bags)
  • Mercedes Benz Viano (07 passengers 05 bags)
  • VW Caravelle (07 passengers 05 bags)
  • Mercedes Sprinter (11 passengers 08 bags)
  • Renault Minibus (11 passengers 08 bags)
  • Toyota Hiace (11 passengers 08 bags)

You can choose any van according to your requirement for a memorable and luxurious journey.

We offer door to door services as well. All you need to do is book your ride, and our chauffeur with your desired van will be at your door in the minimum time possible. You can book your ride for any time; we are available 24/7 to take you to your destination.

Why Choose Our Van Chauffeurs Melbourne?

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in providing van chauffeurs services
  • Our vans are always neat, clean and you will get a soothing environment
  • We have a wide range of vans so that you can enjoy your ride in your favourite one
  • Precision, reliability, and customer’s safety are our priorities
  • Our chauffeurs are knowledgeable, and they know every route of the town
  • We provide services at a very affordable price. We do not charge any hidden fare
  • You can ask the driver for music according to your taste
  • We also offer baby seats and roosters on request

At Australian Chauffeurs Group, we also provide van services for weddings and events. We are always up for making your events memorable. If it’s your wedding day and you want to book a ride for your entire family, we are here to help. We have many options available for you. Our chauffeurs will assist you and take you anywhere you want. Furthermore, our professional chauffeurs know how to handle unexpected situations, delays and unexpected hold-ups without trouble.

Best Services of Chauffeur Van Hire Melbourne from Australian Chauffeurs Group

Do you travel a lot with family, friends and big groups? Do you often feel depressed because of a lack of car storage or living space? You no longer have to worry as the Australian Chauffeurs Group provides the service of chauffeur van hire Melbourne at the best prices.

Australian Chauffeurs Group Pty Ltd has been operating in Australia since 1998 as a group of independent chauffeurs. Since then, we have successfully provided our services to many customers and gained respect and trust in our services. The management team of the Australian Chauffeurs Group has more than 20 years of experience in chauffeurs and private car hire services, which ensures we continue to be the first choice for our customers.

chauffeurs van melbourne
van chauffeurs melbourne
chauffeur minibus hire melbourne

Why Get Chauffeur Van Hire Melbourne Services?

Travel is a necessity in modern times, and car prices have skyrocketed. As a result, people rely more on public transportation than ever before. Unfortunately, overcrowded buses and taxis can be poorly maintained if many passengers travel. Melbourne is a modern city with an extensive metropolitan area and unique cultural attractions. If you are going to explore Melbourne, or if you want to make your mark in the city, you should consider getting the services of chauffeur van hire Melbourne.

As travellers worldwide often visit the city, finding reliable cab services becomes challenging. Motorists help provide solutions to this problem by giving many of the benefits discussed in detail:

Best Value Chauffeur Minibus Hire Melbourne

Group travelling is best for budget travelling and enjoying the luxuries same time. The concept of the chauffeur-driven minibus isn’t a new idea for Australian Chauffeurs Group as we have more than two decades of experience entertaining corporate groups, high officials of a company, tourists of like mind people and families who travel for leisure. The chauffeur minibus hire Melbourne by ACG is a punctual, presentable and budgeted chauffeur service for people who travel in a group.

Best Value Minibus Hire Melbourne

Thanks to the Australian Chauffeurs Group, you need not worry about Group travelling as we are an experienced company with a fleet of luxury minibuses. Our minibuses are driven by chauffeur drivers who play their part to eliminate the stress from Group travelling and help you gain more control over your schedule. Our chauffeur driver minivan service provides a seating capacity of up to seven persons and space for five bags. In comparison, the minibus is designed to entertain up to eleven persons with luggage capacity for eight bags. Our Melbourne based minibus service is perfect for organisations when they need to transport their high-class corporate officials who need corporate travelling for a group. Our clients are rated as the best chauffeur minibus hire Melbourne based on high-quality minibuses and chauffeur drivers.

Though our cars can entertain up to four persons in a vehicle, the Chauffeur Minibus Hire Melbourne ensures you need not travel in different vehicles when you are a group of more than four persons. Our services match the requirements of those who look for chauffeur minibus services in Melbourne so that you don’t have to drive in multiple cars. Our chauffeur driven minivans are ideal for a group of seven persons, while minibuses allow a group of up to eleven persons to travel together in style. Our group travelling is perfect for punctuality, professional attitude and an elite code of conduct.

Why choose Chauffeured Minibus Melbourne?

The scope of minibus travelling is broader for Melbourne city as it helps enjoy luxury travelling affordably. People love to choose Group travelling for the following purposes:

Traffic jams, bad chauffeurs, and unfamiliar areas are some of the reasons why some people choose not to drive at all. Clients won’t have to worry about these problems with a professional chauffeur. Once you have taken the passenger seat, you can ensure that your chauffeur values ​​your safety and comfort more than anything else. That sense of professionalism is a luxury.

It isn’t easy to find a place to park in the city area. With a trained chauffeur, you will not need to feel pressured to drive around the block to wait to open the parking lot.

Hiring a chauffeur service can increase the amount of time you spend on the most important things. Instead of thinking of the best route you can take to get to your destination, you can focus on checking important emails, making phone calls, reading, or rethinking. Preparing a presentation in a few minutes will be more than knowing that you are in good hands.

Every time you get out of a luxury car, you always come out in style. Hiring a chauffeur service will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on potential clients or people you know. It is guaranteed that the car will always look good and in the hands of a professional chauffeur.

Airport Transfers

Whether you visit Melbourne for leisure or work, our minibus service ensures you enjoy the industry’s highest luxury group travelling. People love to visit Melbourne to enjoy the various sports events touristic sites and to attend business-related meetings or trade shows. Australian Chauffeurs Group ensures you have a hassle-free airport pick up and drop off service. Our chauffeur minibus service for the Group is well designed and customised to the needs of corporate officials, families and VIPs. After hours-long air travelling and hectic airport clearance protocols, you will love to have a cosy group ride with us.

Wedding Services

A wedding is a memorable event for any person, and you would love to provide comfortable and luxury transportation to your special guests. Our chauffeur minibus transportation offers a royal protocol for your beloved and special guests to make them feel proud.

Day Tour Services

If you are a group travelling together to enjoy the panoramic views of Melbourne city and suburbs, our minibuses for Melbourne day tours provide a luxurious travelling experience. You can design your own customised day tour trip for Melbourne for a group of up to 11 people. Whether it is a sports event, festival or a Yarra Valley winery tour, we are experts to provide the best recreational day tours at affordable rates. Our chauffeurs are also the best concierge in Melbourne city so you can ask for any information.

Maxi Van Service

The Australian Chauffeurs Group can meet your long-distance travel needs. We have vehicles that can carry between 7 and 51 passengers. We provide our Maxi service in Mercedes Viano, Mercedes V250, Mercedes Sprinter, Renault vans, Kia Carnival, LDV vans and more.

Get the best service of chauffeur van hire Melbourne from Australian Chauffeurs today! Make your trip safe, secure and make memories with your loved ones while travelling.

You can choose from luxury minibus fleet including Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Hiace and Renault Minibus.

If you are travelling with your family or a group of people, we can offer our Van chauffeurs Melbourne. You just have to let us know about the number of people travelling with you. Our vans include Mercedes Benz Viano, Valente, V series, etc. We facilitate our customers with neat and clean, relaxing seats. We just want you to sit back calmly and enjoy your ride in a soothing dust-free environment.

We provide internet services, news, and magazines. We also offer music according to the client’s choice, creating more fun in their journey. Complimentary water and tissue box are available. Baby and booster seats are available at the client’s request at an extra price. We treat our clients like royalty, and there is no discrimination on behalf of different services. We consider our customer satisfaction as a reward. So, whether you need wedding transportation, winery tours services, group transportation, or looking for chauffeurs Melbourne airport, you can rely on us.

Chauffeur Van Melbourne for Group Travelling

Effortless Group Travel: In Melbourne, the Australian Chauffeurs Group offers superb chauffeur van services, ideal for group travel. Our services cater to the needs of groups, ensuring everyone travels together in comfort. This approach has revolutionised group travel standards in Australia, providing luxury without exorbitant costs.

Group Journeys Made Simple with Chauffeur Van Melbourne

We make group travel simple and enjoyable. Our vans are spacious, allowing your group to enjoy the journey together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and convenience.

Chauffeur Van MelbourneChauffeur Van Melbourne for Families

Chauffeur Van Melbourne is a family-friendly travel solution by Australian Chauffeurs Group. Our chauffeur van services in Melbourne are perfectly suited for families. The Australian Chauffeurs Group understands the unique needs of family travel, offering spacious and comfortable vans that cater to both children and adults.

Stress-Free Family Outings: We provide a hassle-free travel experience for your family. Our vans have ample space for luggage, prams, and the little extras needed for a family day out or holiday.

Chauffeur Mini Vans Can Seat 7 People

Chauffeur mini vans are perfect for smaller groups. Our mini vans in Melbourne are an ideal choice for smaller groups, seating up to 7 people comfortably. The Australian Chauffeurs Group ensures that even smaller groups enjoy a spacious and relaxing travel experience.

Chauffeur mini vans are compact yet spacious travel option. These mini vans provide the perfect balance of being compact for city navigation while offering ample space for passengers and their belongings.

Large Chauffeur Vans Melbourne can Seat 11 People

Chauffeured large vans are spacious travel options for larger groups. These vans are famous for corporate travelling in Melbourne. For larger groups, our chauffeur services in Melbourne offer large vans that can seat up to 11 people. The Australian Chauffeurs Group caters to bigger groups without compromising on comfort or space.

Our large vans are designed to ensure that each passenger enjoys a comfortable ride. Ideal for corporate teams or larger family groups, these vans make group travel enjoyable and convenient.

Hire Australian Chauffeurs Group Chauffeur Van Service

Opt for the Australian Chauffeurs Group for your chauffeur van service in Melbourne. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a leader in Australian chauffeur services.

Trust us for your travel needs. Whether for business or leisure, our chauffeur van service provides a reliable, comfortable, and cost-effective solution for your group travel requirements.

Book Your Ride

You can book our ride via an online system. You can also call us today to grab this opportunity at Tel: 043 1515 17 so that our customer service team manage your ride. If you have any queries or want to get any information, contact us via email at